How to control product quality as a sales
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How to control product quality as a sales

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1. It is difficult to ensure that the product quality has no bad points, but learn to control the low quality issue as much as possible to make it closer to 0.

2. First of all, as a sales person, we can not directly control production, but we need to know as much as possible about our products.

Learn about the most basic materials and production processes. A better understanding of the product is also beneficial to negotiate with the customer. And also understand where this product is prone to having problems. You can guess by yourself, you can ask colleagues and leaders, you can study in the workshop. Most of all KNOW your products!

3. The customer's request is detailed to the workshop before the next shop order.

4. After the goods are handed over to the customer, the goods are actively asked. 

5. After we receive the customer’s negative feedback, we must clear up the problem, communicate with the workshop, and pay more attention next time.


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