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Serivce--How to order


First of all, please provide all the specifications about the material, the size, the quantity, etc. which you want to order. If you have an image, please send it. Please contact us by inquiry, estimate form, or use the email address below.


Our company will make a preliminary estimated price based on the product information or pictures you provide.

Step3:Official sample and price

According to the more detailed product information and quantity and requirements provided by your company, we will give an accurate quotation again.

Step4:Sample production

Our company will make the specified samples according to your company's samples or according to your company's product specifications.
If there is no mold and no printing plate required for the disposable health care products, there will be no charge for the sample. Other travel products, etc., will be charged a fee based on the value of the product.
All shipping cost for samples will be paid by your company. 

Step5:Formal order and payment

After receiving your order, we will confirm and inform you of the delivery date. After receiving your deposit, our company will confirm the final style and arrange for the production as soon as possible.
You cannot change the specifications after the formal order. This is company policy, we are sure that you understand.

Step6:Production and delivery

We will provide to you periodic follow up and reports on production progress. We want to provide your company with timely information so that you can be more at ease. Even if there are any minor problems in the production process, our company will promptly report, contact, and resolve as soon as possible to ensure the delivery to your company. Our company will take photos of the goods before shipment, inform you of  the date of the shipment, the estimated date of arrival and assistance in preparing your customs clearance documents.

Step7:After Serivce

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Email your reply within 1 business day. 
Looking forward to your contact.


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