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Dalian Qingluan Trading Co., Ltd. is a general trading company mainly export to Japan. We manufacture and sell a wide range of disposable hygiene products, care products and packaging materials. We listen to our customers and respond with reasonable prices, better service, serious work attitudes and flexible ways. There is also a wealth of experience and product knowledge.
The staff is basic and young people. We place great importance on the thinking ability of each employee, the strength of teamwork, the skill to create the company's own value, accept the changes of the unknown future, and we look forward to tomorrow with a positive attitude.
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I am Lisa from DaLian QingLuan Trading Co.,Ltd.I like to dance, like sports, like games, I also like to go to the park every morning. My favorite food is ”ma la dou fu ”,My favorite singer is zhou shen. His voice is very girly but he is a boy. My favorite sentence is ‘Do not let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.’ I want to enjoy life while working.


I am Renee from DaLian QingLuan Trading Co.,Ltd. .I like reading, like traveling and  like working.
I am very happy to chat with people. Every person is different .They always give me a surprise but sometimes is trouble, but i don’t care it. My favorite sentence is “Opportunities do not just happen, you create them.”


I am David from DaLian QingLuan Trading Co.,Ltd. I enjoy football, I like games, I like fitness, I also like to travel. My favorite football star is Cristiano Ronaldo. I go swimming and playing football every weekend. My favorite sentence is “Never was anything great achieved without danger.”


I am Mark from DaLian QingLuan Trading Co.,Ltd. I like food, and I like to travel with my family, I take my children to the beach or park or playground every weekend. I like to work but I will spend more time with my family. My favorite sentence is “Be honest rather clever.”


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